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Unique Ways to Say "Thanks!"

It’s known that if you want to say “thanks” to your teacher, an apple is a common option.  Well, we think that trick is getting old.  Here are some extra-special ways to pay gratitude to your teacher, or just anyone that you appreciate!

Flower or sweet snack delivery – Everyone loves a surprise, especially at work. Did you know companies across the country can deliver flowers, fruits, candies, cookies and more… straight to a home or business?

  • Personalized coffee mug or water bottle – Websites such as Etsy, as well as local gift shops, excel at personalizing almost anything. Is your teacher or loved one a big coffee drinker? How about adding their name, picture, or favorite quote to a nice tumbler?
  • Collaborate with fellow students or friends to plan an appreciation picnic or potluck. Homemade food and good company is always sure to please.
  • Set up an advertisement in a local newspaper or flyer to say “thanks” to the teachers, professors and instructors at your school or in your town.
  • If the gift is for your favorite HVAC/R trade school instructor, we think the kindest thing you can do for them is give back for everything they’ve taught you. Apply for hilmor’s Retool Your Future scholarship program. Visit for more details and to be notified when the 2015 program kicks off!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day.  Enjoy it!