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Alternative Uses for Your Pliers

We’ve heard the saying “Never use your pliers as a hammer… that is what screwdrivers are for!”  While a small joke- it is a pretty serious topic to discuss as most technicians use their tools for purposes beyond their ‘job descriptions.’  We’ve told you some alternative uses to your utility knives – but let’s talk about pliers!  Different types of pliers- from Diagonal Cutting to Long Nose to Lineman’s, are frequently used by technicians of all trades.  Here is a list of some alternative uses to your everyday pliers.

  • Diagonal Cutting Pliers are great for HVAC/R and Electrical work. Not only can they help with wires, but with staples as well. To remove electrical staples you can clamp the side of the staple and pry downward against a pin punch to lift the staple without damaging the cable. Who knew?
  • Traditional Tongue and Groove Pliers can be of great help to remove a bathtub spout from a tub valve. It’ll make your dirty work a little easier.
  • Long Nose Pliers are a nice alternative to your precious fingers when working with small objects. Whether you are holding a nail in place or fixing a piece of jewelry, these pliers give you a grip that you can depend on.
  • And, if all else fails, use your pliers as a hammer. Work with what you’ve got to get the job done and get it done right.

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