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Do you have the fastest hands in HVAC/R? See you in Chicago!

Exactly two years ago, we let you know about the best HVAC/R tools that you’ve never heard of (yet). We hit the ground running in our bright green and black, and truly haven’t stopped our trek since. Our distinguished tools, such as the Compact Swage Tool, Compact Bender, Quick-Change Magnetic Nut Driver and Orbital Flare have made us incredibly proud since we launched in 2013. In 2014, we introduced to you our Utility Knives and Tubing Cutters, to name a few. Our work didn’t stop there.


We loved meeting you in New York City. We loved it so much that we hope you join us again in Chicago. We’ve got some very handy things to show you, and new product additions that make our current tools even better. Who even thought that was possible?


And, now that we are no longer the new kids on the block, we have decided to bump up the excitement and host the Fastest Hands in HVAC/R Challenge in our booth. You will have a chance to put your skills to the test with some of our new and old tools – and have the opportunity to with $1,000 in hilmor tools! Want another reason to stop by booth 1200? We’ll give you a free pair of hilmor’s NEW HVAC/R General Purpose Gloves, just for competing!*


AHR YOU READY? hilmor is.


*While supplies last

  • Dustin Siefert

    1ST place in the “fastest hands” swaging competition at the AHR Expo in Chicago & 3rd place overall for $300.00 in tools!! Awesome product. Thanks Hilmor!!!

  • Michael Ohlander

    Working with solid well made tools that fit awesome in your hand makes you feel like going to work. You want to be proud of doing quality work and you come to appreciate that quality tools help you to accomplish that. Doing A/C work for years I have used competitors versions of these tools. Hilmor’s take on these industry known tools are very impressive. They have a great feel, and weight and the performance is excellent. The Quick swage for example is super quick, but creates a nice swage. Especially the flaring tool, speed and quality actually can be in one tool for those of,us who are super particular in not having a bad flare joint in refrigeration or oil burner fuel lines. When i first saw hilmor in all the trade journals and at the expo last year in NYC i was wondering where they came from and how i never noticed them before. So glad I stumbled upon them again this year at the expo… Keep it up Hilmor and you obviously have people there who have actually worked with the hvac trade in the past who had a list of things that couldve been better.. Thank you for the great time at the hilmor booth.