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Blazing Green Through 2014

Many of you have met our Retool Teem representatives at your local distributors, industry trade shows and more over the past two years. Our original team is still together and rumblin’ along on their treks across the United States and Canada.  In total, the reps have driven a nearly staggering 430,000 miles since they hit the ground running in 2013. To put this into perspective, that’s over 17 times around the circumference of planet earth. A couple more miles from each of our reps, and they would have driven the distance from the earth to the moon – and then back again.


They each continue to pave their territories with HVAC/R innovation. Their top-notch vehicles are recognizable by many and have served them well as both their mobile offices and technical troubleshooters while on the road. For Amy Hull, the paparazzi were out for her one day while sitting in traffic.


Trade schools were also a popular stopping point this year for the team, receiving many thanks and accolades from both students and instructors.

Southern Careers Institute

Have you spotted a Retool Team vehicle this year? We want to hear about it!

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