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We Want You!...To Submit a Product Review

Online reviews play a significant role with consumers when they are interested in purchasing a product or service.  Consumers seek out reviews as a decision-making tool.  While product and service information provided by the company is greatly important, what is equally important is the insight from end-users who have experienced the product or service.  The beauty of the internet is that is allows people to find qualified information very quickly – both good and bad.

We want to hear from you.  Since our products are out in the field and we are located in East Longmeadow, Mass., we understand that it may not always be easy to give us your feedback and have that very important ‘face-to-face’ interaction with HQ.  That is why we encourage you to let us know your thoughts about hilmor through online product reviews, idea submissions, and interaction on our Social Media pages including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

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  • Ernie Kelley

    The best gauges I have ever used. Time will tell if they last but for now I am happy. Mike talk to Ruben I heard that one of the outfits in the area bought one for all there techs. Just saying. Ruben is that what you wanted me to say? I expect the cash in my mail box. Some of the very cool things is that it does the vacuum without a different gauge. The hose inside diameter is bigger than standard hose making vacuum faster. I does all of the gas we use. The gauges light up the color of the gas that you are using. Like green for R22 and pink for R410A. They also do all of the superheat and subcooling for you all you have to do is watch. Hoses come with ¼ turn valves to shut them off even the 3/8 vacuum and charging hoses. Memory for max and min pressures.

  • frankie Brinkley

    Hilmor offers a great line of products with a LIFETIME guarantee. very nice lime green and black color scheme, coshion grip, There nut drivers are marked so there easily identified, there a all around great set of tools all my tools will be hilmor