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What You Should Know about Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Quality refers to the air quality inside buildings and homes and can contribute to adverse health effects if not adequately maintained.  Poor indoor air quality can be caused by a variety of different culprits: mold, carbon monoxide, second-hand smoke and even pets.

The following tips can help to boost the indoor air quality in your home.

  1. Avoid locating furnaces and air conditioners in spaces where they can unintentionally draw pollutants into the house.
  2. Use a quality air filter to remove dirt and contaminants from air traveling through ductwork.
  3. Vent clothes dryers directly outdoors.
  4. Keep floors clean.  Dust and other particles often get trapped in mats and rugs around the house.
  5. Keep a healthy level of humidity inside the home to prevent mold buildup and other allergens under control.


What do you do to maintain a good air quality where you live, work and play?  Stay healthy out there!

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