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How to Plus-Up a Counter Day

hilmor counter days are one of the best ways to meet our RETOOL Sales Team and learn about our products. Since we are hilmor and we try to plus-up everything that we do, we decided that there would be no better way to get to know the team and the products other than meeting them face-to-face.  Stop by to say hello – and arrive early for a free breakfast too!


A typical counter day starts with our sales team bringing breakfast to a distributor and interacting with customers. Customers are welcome to visit the distributor to see the hilmor RETOOL Truck, talk with our team, and learn about our products.


The RETOOL Team often offers special deals, free gifts, and promotions at counter days. That’s not all, though.  Our sales team makes a hilmor counter day stand out with interactive demo stations on our hilmor trucks. These trucks have TV’s to show product demos and give you an opportunity for a hands-on lesson with our sales team.


Distributors can make counter days extra special by promoting the deals associated with the event and hosting a “Vendor Open House” where multiple vendors are in attendance. This is a great way for consumers to take advantage of special offers and interact with several different brands and product lines to cover all of their needs.


Our sales team enjoys hosting counter days to educate and show our support for our distributors and customers. Come see us soon at an event near you!