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How to Plus Up your Lemonade Stand

At hilmor, we are all about taking something existing and making it better!  In the summer months, lemonade stands are frequently put up and run in neighborhoods across the country.  Children, teens and adults run this little business as a fun afternoon activity to engage friends and neighbors – and of course to encourage passerby’s to stop by for a quick refreshment.  We wouldn’t be hilmor if we didn’t look into ways to take the existing lemonade stand and make it better.  We will keep this PG – So, alcoholic mixers aside, here are 5 ways to plus up a lemonade stand.


1. Advertise in advance!  A day or two before your stand, post signs in the area promoting the time, place and price of the lemonade should do the trick.


2. Offer a couple different products.  How about a plethora of lemonade options?  Snow cones, popsicles, and even food options like lemonade cookies.  Use Google to find some unique recipes that will be sure to please.


3. Set up more than just a table.  Pop-up tents and chairs will allow customers to stop for a few minutes and sit in the shade.


4. Buying incentives.  Sales incentives aren’t just for big businesses.  Consider a ‘buy two, get one free’ mindset for those customers who come with friends and/or family.


5. Be charitable.  Get yourself involved with the local and/or national community by donating some of your profits to a charitable organization like Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer.  Learn more about how to donate by visiting


Happy summer!  Share with us some of your favorite lemonade recipes below…

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