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Branding Your Business

Excitement. Energetic. Passion. Challenged. Overwhelmed. Fear. All these can be natural feelings when starting your own business and developing your brand.  Where do you begin? How do you increase your chance of success? Here are a couple of lists to consider if you are planning to start a business venture.


Things to Consider When Starting a Business:

  • Develop a Business Plan

Establish clear specific short and long term goals and direction for your business

  • Get to Know your Consumer

Understand the different types of people that will be utilizing your services

  • Establish a Competitive Advantage

Make your business stand out by establishing a clear advantage that your consumers can easily relate to

  • Network and Communicate Effectively

Use a consistent message (a 60 second elevator speech) to network with everyone you come in connect with to generate business

  • Create a Strong Brand Image

Select appropriate methods to communicate to your audience and be consistent with your messaging


Recommended List of Things to Have for your Business:

  • Professional business name that reflects your services
  • Standout logo
  • Business Cards with contact information (full name, phone number, email address)
  • Business Website and Online Presence
  • Advertising (Online, Newspapers, Local Businesses)
  • Branded Marketing Materials (Invoices, Letterhead, Brochures)
  • Branded Gear (Hats, T-shirts, Pens, Magnets)
  • Accounting Software


Remember, YOU are the best advertisement for your business and brand so always present yourself professionally and stay true to how you want your business to be perceived in the marketplace.

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