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10 Uses For Your hilmor Utility Knife

Think that our Utility Knives only have one pure HVAC/R purpose?  Think again.  One of our Product Managers for the knives took his expertise to the streets and has come up with a list of 10 uses for your hilmor Utility Knives – beyond simply cutting.  Keep reading to learn more!


1)      Money Clip.

2)      Cutting Insulation.

3)      A convenient and safe way to use my hilmor Bi-Metal Utility Blades. They are shatter resistant after all..


4)      Camping Sidekick.  You’d be surprised of how helpful it is.

5)      Opening up and breaking down boxes.

6)      Creating a new notch in my belt after Thanksgiving Dinner.

7)      Stripping wire.

8)      Conversation piece.  Everyone likes a good lookin’ knife.

9)      Paperweight.

10)   Opening up the packaging on your new hilmor Tubing Cutter.


Have you ever used your hilmor Utility Knife in some crazy way not listed here?  We want to hear about it!

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  • Roger Dykes

    sharpening a stick to roast a weinie on.