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Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

HVAC/R Technicians are working hard all summer long to provide customers with the ideal air cooling solutions. While improving other people’s living comfort technicians are faced with tough and very hot working conditions. Technicians performing an installation in the attics might see temperatures reaching well over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, while those working outside can be faced with direct sunlight and sunburn. Summer is the prime time to fix and install air conditioning, and due to the heat customers rely on a quick service. While you are helping others stay cool remember these few tips on beating the summer heat:

  1. Drink plenty of water.  Staying hydrated is key to your overall health.
  2. Carry a spray bottle with water to cool yourself off in those sweltering attics.
  3. Wear dry fit shirts and hats or light colors.  Breathable fabrics will make for a much more comfortable work day.
  4. Use portable fans when possible.
  5. Stay in shade.  While you can still get sunburn under shaded areas, staying out of the direct sunlight will help to keep you calm, cool and collected.
  6. Take breaks. Yes, we said it.  Give yourself a breather.  You deserve it!
  7. Get into a pool when you get home! Or, go home and enjoy some sweet air conditioning.  Let’s just hope that yours is working at top efficiencies.  We know that after a long day on the job, troubleshooting your own A/C is not exactly your idea of fun.

Stay cool out there!

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