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Best Ways to Beat a Stressful Work Day

We know that each and every great day on the job is typically paired with an even greater amount of stress.  Stress can come in many shapes and forms.  One thing is for certain:  You are not alone.  Everyone becomes stressed at one time or another!  While cooling season commences, we know that your work is getting busier and more difficult.  In even the most sweltering of conditions, it is important to keep your cool.  April is Stress Awareness Month – let’s observe it!  Here are some ways to beat the stressful work day.


  • Be timely.  By keeping your schedule as tidy as possible, you will dramatically reduce the amount of work-related stress sitting on your shoulders each and every day.  Allot ample time for each job and do not over-commit yourself.


  • Stay organized!  By organizing the tools in your truck, not only will your work day be more productive but your stress level will no longer be skyrocketing.  Make it a habit to keep your truck in order by organizing it once a week.  Regular visits to the truck wash will help, too.  We at hilmor believe in the saying “look good, feel good.”


  • Give yourself some “me time.”  While some days may seem overwhelming at times, it is important to always take some time each day to do something that you enjoy.  Ideas include taking a quick walk around the block in the morning, browsing the internet, listening to music or cooking your favorite meal.  Take some time for yourself, even if it is just for 5 minutes!  You deserve it.


  • Get healthy, stay healthy.  Whether you do it through exercise or dieting, it is time to take control.  Do what works for you each and every day.  Being on top of your health needs should be a priority and it is an important factor to staying stress free.
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