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Putting the Utility in Knives

At hilmor, we’re always looking at ways we can retool existing products to provide smarter solutions for the HVAC/R industry. Our new line of utility knives, introduced at the AHR Expo in January, is an example of that ingenuity.

We could do plenty to make our utility knives great, but without a great blade, the knives would be useless. hilmor Utility Knives come standard with our Bi-Metal Utility Knife Blade. These blades feature a Bi-Metal construction for long life and durability, and can bend and flex without breaking, making them shatter resistant.

Another one of our new premier tools is the Folding Utility Knife. It has an all-metal body, which increases life and durability. A blade-locking mechanism prevents the blade from coming out during use, and a liner lock enables one-handed operation. We’ve also added a built-in wire-stripping channel for up to 10-gauge wire, and a removable belt clip that keeps the knife close for easy access. We couldn’t pack more into that knife if we tried.

Next up, the all-new Retractable Utility Knife also has an all-metal body and comes with three Bi-Metal blades. The tool can conveniently store up to five extra blades in the handle, and when it does come time to change out the blade, the process is simple and can be done without the use of a separate tool. The Retractable Utility Knife handle is also designed for easier cutting on the pull with a unique trigger grip.

Utility knives are an essential tool for any HVAC/R technician. Just think of all the times you need one, and you’ll realize how important having a great one is. The utility knife is truly your utility player.

You can find these knives at your local HVAC/R distributor.


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