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HVAC’s Future Is Digital

The HVAC/R industry is unique in many ways, but it’s similar to other industries in the push to innovate, particularly using new and advanced technologies.

After attending the 2014 AHR Expo in New York City, we witnessed plenty of innovation taking place in our industry. As a company that prides itself on making the existing better, we truly find it inspiring to be among like minds.

Most of us in the HVAC/R industry had to stop and take notice when Google bought Nest for more than $3 billion. That is a sign that those outside the industry see the potential in HVAC/R.

Although the tech movement has been growing in recent years, digital leads the way. One example of this is our Electronic Gauge with Vacuum Sensor that uses both a digital readout and analog readout to give accurate readings. The digital readout allows for a PT chart to be pre-loaded into the manifold, saving plenty of time.

This is just the beginning of what digital technology can do, and we’re doing plenty at hilmor to push it forward. We can only imagine plenty of smart HVAC/R techs are eagerly awaiting even more products that use digital technologies.

Just behind digital is the movement toward wireless technology in HVAC/R. Most of us are used to wireless technology in our daily lives, but it’s becoming quite common in our industry, too.

A stroll around the trade show floor at the 2014 AHR Expo showed wireless being used in thermostats, scales and manifolds. These can benefit both consumers as well as HVAC/R techs and should make it easier to live more comfortably and work more efficiently.

We’re curious what types of digital and wireless technologies you’re using regularly. What types of tools or systems would you like to see adapt to these trends?

Marisa Harris contributed to this post

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