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6 Ways HVAC/R Techs Can Prepare For Cooling Season

Even though many of us still have our snow shovels at hand, we know that HVAC/R techs never stop looking ahead. For those who don’t live in warmer climates, it’s time to prepare for the cooling season − the busiest time of the year. Here are some tips to help you keep your cool, even when the weather suggests differently.

1. Stock up on batteries.
Make sure homeowners are set for the cooling season by making sure their thermostat batteries are replaced.

2. Clean your truck.
With all the snow and slush on the ground, we know your truck won’t look its best after the winter. Visit your local truck wash, and make it seem like winter was never even here.

3. Double-check your tools.
It’s important that technicians inspect their customers’ A/C systems for any damage that cold weather may have caused. It’s just as important for techs to ensure their tools are fit for any job thrown their way. Make sure to double-check that your tools are fully operational before working on any A/C systems.

4. Stock up on supplies.
Parts and supplies are more reasonably priced during this time of year. Go ahead and fill your cart.

5. Check in with your customers.
To plan for business in the months ahead, give your customers a quick call or email to see if they have any specific needs. This is a great opportunity to make their service appointments, too.

6. Buy sweet new gear.
Here at hilmor, we believe in the saying, “Look good, feel good.” To be at your best on the job, it’s important to look professional. Treat yourself to a shopping spree. Start with a hilmor polo shirt, and end with a pair of new work boots.

Getting the above tasks completed before the busy season begins will take some stress off your shoulders once the summer heat bears down. We’d love to hear your insider tips for preparing for the busy season. Leave your comments below.

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