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5 Innovative HVAC/R Truck Designs

They say clothes make the man, so it’s only fitting that the truck would make the HVAC/R company. An HVAC/R tech’s truck or van is their work hub, but it can do so much more.

In driving around a city, an HVAC/R truck is the best billboard you can ever buy.

We thought we’d celebrate some of the innovative, flashy and fun designs we found online.

1. The New Style


This HVAC/R vehicle sets aside the typical van or pickup in favor of a compact SUV. Still plenty of storage space room for ladders on top, but likely much better gas mileage than the bigger vehicles. The sharp orange color doesn’t hurt either.

 2. The Superhero

superhero hvac

We know that HVAC/R techs are superheroes, but Wesley Ramirez HVAC took it one step further and made Wesley a superhero right on the side of the truck. We hope the muscles are true-to-form and no CGI was added.

 3. Underwater

Flood HVAC-truck-wrap

A big truck that looks like a huge aquarium on wheels? Yeah, that’s going to get our attention when we’re driving to pick up a burger. This company played up the last name (Flood) perfectly and made a truck that’s going to be remembered.

4. The Door Inside


This one may be more attractive for HVAC/R techs, but we love the fact that this truck has a door on the side to get in and out of the truck with ease. You’ve seen how we love to save you time on a job, so we love a truck that’s going to allow you to get on to the job in a much quicker way.

5. The Old School


Looking like it came straight out of a 50s movie, this throwback truck design harkens back to a day when your friendly HVAC/R tech wore a bow tie. With all of the modern designs of work trucks, this nostalgic truck gets the right attention and makes us want to stop for a chocolate malt at the diner.

Certainly, this doesn’t cover all of the great truck designs out there. We’d love to see what some of you are doing with your trucks. Share in the comments, or post them to our Faceboook wall.

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