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Retool Your Future Winner – Kenny Chavez

“Losing my job, was the loss of my dream

A midlife crisis tooled to the utmost extreme

With no schematic to point me in the way

I was lost with no direction day after day.”


At the age of 43, Kenny Chavez was out of a job. For years, he had worked as a registered nurse at a psychiatric hospital, but due to an economic downturn, the facility had to be shut down. Moreover, he was faced with the decision to either move away and retrain as a nurse or change careers. It was at that point he decided to pursue a career in HVAC/R.


“My past, its importance, is so you may see.

What a degree in HVAC really means to me.

I reached for the stars and caught my dreams.

My second chance that school now brings.”


Kenny saw the hilmor Retool Your Future Scholarship Contest in a magazine at his local HVAC/R distributor. After some encouragement from his instructor, he entered the contest, but did so in an unconventional way. Instead of the 250-word essay, he wrote a poem. A really good poem. Because it won him $10,000 and a brand new set of hilmor tools.


“One-hundred percent devoted, my effort is seen.

My GPA is my metering device, my TXV.

The 3.8 first semester earned from what I learned.

Being committed to my education, my life has turned.”


Kenny carried a 3.8 GPA in his first semester, all while trying to work. That meant many days where he did nothing but work, school and sleep. Now, with the backing of his $10,000 scholarship, he’s able to focus fully on his education.


“This story doesn’t end here, just wait and see

School is molding HVAC’s next contractor to be

My future I once feared, I fear no more

I will “Retool and Conquer” it with tools from hilmor.”


To see the full story click here.

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