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Retool Your Future Winner − Francisco Iniguez

From an early age, Francisco Iniguez’s mother told her children that an education was the way to a better life. It’s a lesson Francisco has not forgotten, and he’s sacrificed much to continue his education.

It’s that passion for education and overcoming adversity that made Francisco a grand prize winner of hilmor’s Retool Your Future Scholarship Contest. Francisco will get a $10,000 scholarship to continue his education with the hope that it will lead to a fruitful future in the HVAC/R industry.

After being born in the U.S., Francisco moved to Mexico with his mother and family to take care of their grandmother. From the age of five, Francisco held a job during the afternoons and evenings, while spending the day in school.

When he turned 17, the opportunity to return to the U.S. led Francisco and his brother to Sturgis, Mich. There, Francisco went to high school during the day and worked third shift overnight. After being laid off, Franciso began performing odd jobs for the teachers at his school.

While Francisco and his brother appreciated the work, he had much higher aspirations. Those eventually led him to Ferris State University for HVAC/R school.

“What got me interested in pursuing a career in HVAC/R is that you can work with your hands and use your brain at the same time,” Francisco said. “Also the job security. People are going to need heating and ventilation all the time.”

At Ferris State, Francisco has the chance to earn a bachelor’s degree in HVAC/R, something he said will put him in a good place once he graduates. He said that performing energy audits and doing HVAC/R design are aspects of the business that Francisco would like to pursue after he graduates.

After a life that has featured tumultuous times, Francisco dreams of using his degree to find a certain future. That’s something we can wholeheartedly get behind.

“My dream would be to graduate from Ferris State University with a bachelor’s degree and find a job where I can practice my skills and learn more at the same time.”

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