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Retool Your Future Winner − David Hall

Life on the road was no life at all for David Hall. He had a wife and two sons at home. Not to mention a daughter on the way. He knew that a career in trucking wouldn’t allow him to be the father he wanted to be.

David, 33, drove a truck for a poultry company for 12 years. He appreciated the job, but said the time had come for a change.

“I was working, 60, 70-plus hours a week and didn’t get to see my little boys as much as I wanted,” David said. “So I decided to go to HVAC/R school.”

In high school, David eyed HVAC/R as a potential career, but driving a truck offered an immediate payoff. Even with the financial burden of a higher education, David knew a career in HVAC/R would give him and his family a better life.

“It’s been a struggle to keep the bills paid and not have to borrow a bunch of money to go to school,” David said. “This was the ticket, to get scholarships.”

David entered hilmor’s Retool Your Future Scholarship Contest by submitting a 250-word essay on the importance of education. Out of 500 applicants from all over the country, David’s essay earned him the Grand Prize of a $10,000 scholarship and a new set of hilmor tools.

To David, an education is the most important thing. Not only for himself, but his children as well. As for setting an example for his kids, David’s commitment to the learning process has caused him to even take the television out of his house.

What drives David is the importance of a career in HVAC/R. Not just for his family, but for others as well.

“A lot of our livelihood depends on a refrigeration cycle,” David said. “And I hope I can establish a business that would allow me to be able to do that. To go out and serve fellow Americans who are pursuing their dreams.”

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