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You’re an HVAC/R pro. And the last thing you need is some minor league tool that can’t make the cut. No worries. hilmor’s newest line of Tubing Cutters can stand up to the big league pressure of HVAC/R. They’re ruggedly durable and seriously sharp. Which means they’ll cut through copper, PEX and PVC like it’s their job. Which is good, considering it’s your job to make precision cuts time and time again.


In tight spaces, the Small Diameter Tubing Cutter is your man. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you. This guy is manufactured with a cast-zinc aluminum body and shock-resistant steel wheel and comes available in 3 sizes allowing you to cut up to 1-1/8” tubing.


For more open spaces, you can size up to our Larger Diameter Tubing Cutters. They come with a four-roller tracking system instead of two. This helps keep the tube in place to prevent walking. Plus, the larger of the two, which handles 1/8″ to 1-3/4″ tubing, features a quick-ratcheting handle to cut time as well as tubing.


When it comes to PEX and PVC, our Plastic Tubing Cutters work like a knife through butter. Well, maybe not that slick, but pretty darn close. A rubberized handle gives you an advantage in wet and dry environments. And a ratcheting mechanism gives your forearms a little more of a break. The biggest of the 3 cutters can even handle 2-3/8″ tubing.


All that for a bunch of Tubing Cutters? You’re darn right. Because when you can cut time, headaches and callbacks, they become one of the most valuable tools in the bag.

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