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How we make it: hilmor Manifolds

Just like you take pride in every call you get as a tech, hilmor puts pride behind each product that leaves our facility. We didn’t want just any old employees assembling hilmor tools, we wanted employees that embodies the hilmor spirit of taking things to the next level. Yia Hoyt is one of those exceptional people.

Yia is the team leader of the HVAC assembly area in hilmor’s office located in East Longmeadow, Mass. She took us through the steps that her team conquers each day to make manifolds that have reinvented the HVAC industry.

Step 1: Workers securely connect everything to the manifold, including the sight glass and y-forgings.

Inset 1_v1

Step 2: The valve seats and valve handles are then assembled to make the hilmor Manifold more complete.

Inset 3_v1

Step 3: The hilmor Gauges are then loaded onto the assembly. After the gauges are assembled on to the unit, the Manifold Hook is secured.

Inset 4_v1

At this point, the Manifold is completely assembled but still needs to be tested and packaged.

“We perform 100 percent inspection on all manifolds that go through our manufacturing areas testing for product quality and leaks,” Hoyt said. “It’s the commitment to building and inspecting quality manifolds that makes hilmor Manifolds great. We do our job right here so techs can do their jobs right in the field.”

We hope this gives you some insight into how the hilmor Manifolds are made. It’s a process we follow to ensure our customers are receiving quality tools and it’s one that we take great pride in.





  • Jeremy Perez

    I hope to own a pair of these in the near future!