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America’s 5 Coldest Metro Areas

Remember when we shared the five hottest metro areas in the U.S.? It might be difficult to recall as you heat up your vehicle and scrape windshield after windshield, but that was a time of sun, fun and warm temperatures. We figured with all of the cold that has swept our country over the past few weeks and cranked furnaces up, we should share the five coldest metro areas.

Just like those warm temperatures mean calls to keep air conditioners pumping cool air into homes, cold weather means phones ringing from desperate customers, who are bundled up inside their home after their furnace went on the fritz. These cities might see even more of those calls each winter than the rest of us.


1. Minneapolis

Minneapolis has plenty going for it. It’s home to Prince, Adrian Peterson, a booming heating industry and the coldest average temperature. For Minneapolis residents, cold is pretty much a way of life – it’s something that comes with an average low in January of 7.5 degrees. It’s temperatures like that that even had the state’s health department lab’s heating system to fail. Here’s a fun fact – the winter months in Minneapolis are colder than those in Anchorage.


2. Milwaukee

It’s no surprise that Minnesota’s neighbor, Wisconsin, is No. 2 on the list. Milwaukee residents and their HVAC/R techs are known for being a hearty group of people. These are the same people who will head to Green Bay for a Packers game without a shirt. Lately, the Milwaukee HVAC/R industry has been burning the candle at both ends to keep up with demand. During February, the city averages a low of 13 degrees. Brrr.


3. Chicago

In the Windy City, the 18-degree average low in January whips right through you. Even Coach Ditka would agree that Chicago is cold. Chicago residents will sometimes get a few glorious spots of warm weather during a winter, but you better not count on that. It’s more the exception than the rule. And with so many houses and so many buildings, that means more heating calls for determined HVAC/R techs.


4. Buffalo/Rochester

You need a lot of Buffalo wings to keep you warm during a winter in Buffalo and its neighbor Rochester. The bad news for residents is that they usually see long winters. They can run from mid-November to mid-March with an average low temperature of 18 or 19 degrees in January and February. The snow conditions also make it tough for residents and HVAC/R trucks, but these drivers are experts in the white stuff.


5. Detroit

The D gets average lows of 19 degrees in January along with an average of 43 inches of snow each winter. This year, it joined Chicago in being colder than the North Pole for a time. Needless to say, that can make working outside less than pleasurable. However, the cold winter means that HVAC/R companies have seen healthy business this extra-frigid time of year. Especially this winter, we hope they’re all bundled up.

We still have plenty of winter left, and we imagine HVAC/R companies around the country have phones ringing off the hook from people needing help. If you’re outside this winter, stay safe and keep a big cup of coffee or hot cocoa waiting for you back in the truck.

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