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AHR Expo Day 3: Give ‘Em a Hand

First things first. Thanks to everyone who stopped by Booth 559 at the AHR Expo this week. You guys make it fun. You’re the reason we actually enjoy standing on our feet all day talking about tools. Actually, we love to talk about tools. But you guys make the 8+ hours of standing a lot more tolerable. For that, you deserve a standing ovation.

Also, thanks for the tips and product suggestions. There’s a good chance you might see your ideas reflected in our next generation of tools. As for our new line of hand tools, we hope they’ll help you cut, trim and smooth over any problem you come across this year.

Oh, and a special thanks to the guy who told that joke about the condenser. Hope you don’t mind if our sales guys use that one after the show.

Thanks to the students who braved the cold to stop by our booth on Thursday. Make sure to check out our Just For Students page for information on tools and the $5,000 scholarships we’re giving away this year.

Thanks for making the product demos a huge success. You better believe we’ll be bringing that demo station to Chicago next year. Quite simply, there’s no better way to show what these tools can do. And, it’s a lot of fun to play around with copper. You guys put some serious mileage on our tubing cutters, and they’re still cutting like a knife through butter. Just goes to show what they’ll stand up to on the job.

To those who are headed back to warmer weather, try to send some our way. It has been near 0° in East Longmeadow.

Here’s to hoping Chicago catches a warm front about this time next year.

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