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A Look Back at the Retool Reps’ 2013

When our Retool Team heard the phrase, “Hit the ground running,” they took it to heart. Our fearless group of six ended 2013 logging a staggering 236,000 total miles. To put that in perspective, that’s enough miles to drive around the earth 9.5 times.

Many of you met the Retool Reps at your local distributor or at HVAC/R trade shows this year. It’s making those relationships with the distributors, techs, business owners and everyone in between that they treasure the most.

Here’s a rundown of what 2013 looked like for our team.

Ryan Cotton

Total miles: 30,665

States visited: Calif., Ariz., Nev., Utah, Ore., Wash., Texas, Mass., Mo., Okla., New Mex., Kan., and N.C.

First Green Wall: U.S. Air Conditioning

Traffic troubles: Los Angeles County

Favorite meal: Filet mignon and a baked potato from Houston’s Steak House in Pasadena. I like it because it is the best-cooked steak I have ever had, and they are consistent. My steak is always medium-rare, has a crispy and salty exterior with a juicy, hot, red interior. And I order it with an appetizer of kale salad with shaved yellow-tail sashimi on the side. Very tasty, can’t wait to go back!

Biggest success: Besides great overall sales in my territory, the best counter day I had was at a U.S. Air in Tucson. We had a relatively small turnout of less than 20 customers, but almost everyone bought at least one thing, and several customers bought multiple items. In just under 3 hours, we had sold more than $12,000 in hilmor products!

Great comments: The best thing I’ve heard someone say is that they trust hilmor because our tools get the job done and because if they need help, hilmor is there to take care of them quickly and efficiently. That means a lot to me that our customers have come to trust us in our first year. It pays off to let the customers know that we value them as more than a sale.

Goal for 2014: My main goal is twofold really. I intend to reinforce our commitment as a team member with our customers and to introduce hilmor products to those companies that have not yet come on board. I want to make sure that my customers succeed with hilmor products, and I will be there to support them so they can achieve their goals.


Will Jimenez

Total miles: 36,323

States visited: Mo., Tenn., Ala., Mass., Fla., Ga., Miss., Puerto Rico, Texas

First Green Wall: Gemaire in Florida

Traffic troubles: San Juan, Puerto Rico, was challenging because of few traffic laws.

Favorite meal: I’d say the best meal I had was also in Puerto Rico. It was a mofongo, which is basically a plantain stuffed with meat and other good stuff. I think I liked it because it’s not something you can find easily in most U.S. cities.

Biggest success: It was a great year for hilmor. We were able to introduce a great new product line and make the lives of many HVAC/R users a little easier. I think my territory’s greatest success has been our partnership with the Watsco Group: Gemaire, Carrier and East Coast Metals. The company really believes in our line and has really helped us spread the hilmor name.

Great comments: I hear great things about hilmor all the time, so it’s hard to pin down one particular thing. The usual comments are how innovative the tools are and people wondering why no one did it sooner.

Goal for 2014: 2013 was great, but I hope to make 2014 an even better year. I hope to continue to build my partnerships with my distributors and work with more tech schools to ensure the next generation of HVAC/R technicians knows there’s a smarter way with hilmor.



Amy Hull

Total miles: 32,460

States visited: Texas, Okla., Ark., La., Mass., Kan., and Conn.

First Green Wall: Gemaire in Carrollton, Texas. It was the first wall I saw installed. The next walls were with RMI and Johnson − they placed their orders on the same day.

Traffic troubles: Such a hard one … it’s a toss-up between Austin, Dallas and Houston.

Favorite meal: Papadeaux’s – Soft-shelled Crab with a side of sautéed spinach. I had it several times; it is my fave!

Biggest success: I drove the hilmor truck in 346 miles of ice storm over a five-day period and did not put it in the ditch − amazing!

Great comments: “Newell-Rubbermaid always knows how to launch a product. They offer the high quality, innovative tools, and they are marketing geniuses.”

Goal for 2014: Continue to support existing partners to grow their business, bring on additional distributors, exceed sales goals and move into a more dedicated sales role.


Mike Oddo

Total miles: 57,000

States visited: N.D., S.D., Minn., Wis., Ind., Ill., Ky., Mo., Kan., Iowa, Neb., and Colo.

First Green Wall: Sioux Falls, S.D. at Sioux Falls Winair Company

Traffic troubles: Chicago

Favorite meal: Brazilian cuisine at Fogo de Chao, because all the meats are cooked to perfection.

Biggest success: It always feels good to land a big account with several branches, but I would have to say I’m more excited that I’m getting significant volume from all 11 of my states. This will give me a great foundation to build on for 2014.

Great comments: People were impressed by our marketing and product quality.

Goal for 2014: More product placement along with significant volume growth.


Matt Higgins

Total miles: 46,000

States visited: Va., Md., Ohio, W.Va., Pa., N.J., Mich., N.Y., Conn., Mass., Vt., Del., R.I., District of Columbia

First Green Wall: Roanoke, Va.

Traffic troubles: New York City, followed by Washington, D.C.

Favorite meal: Chicken Chesapeake from the Stalking Horse

Biggest success: Bringing hilmor to the HVAC/R contractors

Great comments: “These tools save me hours on the job site; you really thought of everything.”

Goal for 2014: To continue to promote the hilmor brand and make it a household name in the HVAC/R industry.


Alston Mullins

Total miles: 33,652

States visited: N.C., S.C., Tenn., Ga., Ky., Mich., Va., and Pa.

First Green Wall: East Coast Metals

Traffic troubles: Atlanta

Favorite meal: The Coffee Cured Filet at Stoney River in Louisville

Biggest success: The amount of placements we were able to get at a distributor level.

Great comments: Very innovative!

Goal for 2014: To hit my sales goals and to help more HVAC/R techs.