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Real Talk: HVAC Pro Explains Why He Likes hilmor

In this business, word of mouth is king. Sure, we can tout hilmor tools all day, but when an HVAC/R tech and business owner whose livelihood depends on his tools gives us an endorsement, well, that means a lot.

Doug Rayner is part owner and tech for Service Tech HVAC Group in Galena, Mo. He is proud of the fact that he and his business partner started their company debt free and takes pride in the investment that their company puts into tools.

Read what he has to say about hilmor:

Where did you first hear about hilmor?

The Locke trade show in Oklahoma City in March.

What made you decide to buy hilmor?

(Because of) the Compact Swage Tool.

What hilmor tools do you own now?

The Compact Swage Tool, Compact Bender, 9-in-1 Multi-Tool, Stubby Hex Nut Drivers and Long Hex Nut Drivers.

What have your experiences been with hilmor so far?

We have loved every one of the tools we have gotten so far!

How does hilmor compare to the tools you replaced?

They are so much easier to find in our backpacks since they are labeled on the top. They seem to have better grip for the hands and are more comfortable. As for the Compact Bender, there is no comparison to the others. I don’t think that I would ever go back to the Yellow Jacket brand. The hilmor Compact Bender is so easy and light. I can go slow without blowing past the desired angle. We have not had a kink in the line set at all. The Compact Swage Tool is one-handed, lightweight and gets into very tight areas.

What else would you like to see from hilmor?

We would like to see a lot of stuff! Vacuum pumps up to 10 CFM or more, a recovery machine with dryer (changeable), sub-surface scanners, wireless wet bulb and dry bulbs up to 100-foot range with continuous temperature updates, meters, in-line micron gauge, line set tracking tool. We could go on and on.

Doug says his next step is convincing his wife that he needs a set of hilmor manifolds. Doug, you might remind her that they would help you get in, get out and get home a lot quicker. Good luck!

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