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A Day in the Life of a hilmor R&D Engineer

There are many careers available in the HVAC/R industry, including manufacturing jobs. We asked hilmor Research and Development Engineer Devan Stacy about his typical day at our manufacturing plant.

What does an R&D engineer do?

Close to 80 percent of my time is spent testing the accuracy and consistency of our processes, parts, samples and materials. All this testing leads to useful data that helps design engineers and product managers develop and refine hilmor tools.

What kind of refinements do you oversee?

There are a lot of changes like altering the diameter of a part to fit better, or changing an alloy to get better corrosion resistance. I do a lot of work to make existing products even better.

Do you test prototypes? 

Yes, but this is more for design engineers, which is another great opportunity in this field. I am currently developing a prototype that could go to market next year.

How do you come up with new ideas? 

Most of my ideas have to do with fixing or improving current parts, so the first step is always testing those existing pieces. If you understand a problem well enough, the solution should be obvious. From the results of the test, I get a vague idea of how the new unit should behave. I add some more clarity to the idea by sketching it and then building a model on the computer.

What do you think makes hilmor special?

The departments work together to do a job right every single time. And, if there’s a problem, we trust each other to identify it and find a solution. At hilmor, we work as a team, and that is something that makes our company, not just our tools, special.


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  • ken stepp

    I think the thing that sets Hilmor apart from the other comapnies is the simple fact the tools seem to be made for hvac techs by hvac techs. The tools make our life easier and i always heard the saying your only as good as you tools so i use Hilmor.