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RETOOL Reps Rumble On

It may be getting cold in some parts of the country, but our RETOOL reps were heating up the highways in October. They found their way to some of the country’s biggest cities, including Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Dallas and even some smaller communities, such as Victoria, Texas, Dothan, Ala. and Colton, Calif.

Here’s the visual representation of where we’ve been:

Color key:

Yellow – Ryan Cotton

Pink – Amy Hull

Blue – Mike Oddo

Red – Matt Higgins

Purple – Alston Mullins

Green – Will Jimenez

RepRoundup_Chart_Oct 11-7-13

After all those miles, our RETOOL reps get pretty hungry. Here are their favorite meals during October.

Alston Mullins – Barbecue

Amy Hull – Fire Seared Scallops at Max’s in Springfield, MA

Will Jimenez – Oysters at Hunt’s in Dothan, AL

Ryan Cotton – Fried Calamari at Champions in Springfield, MA

Matt Higgins – Chicken Chesapeake

Mike Oddo – Philly Cheesesteak