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Hacking Thanksgiving

As an HVAC/R tech, there are a few industry insider hacks you can bring to the table this Thanksgiving.

Your Thanksgiving turkey is too important to rely on just one thermometer. Our Dual Readout Thermometer was thoughtfully designed with two thermometers. That means no second-guessing your decision to take the bird out of the oven.

Since you’re the owner of a new hilmor 4-Valve Aluminum Manifold, you have no use for your old manifold − except one. Hook that turkey you’re deep-frying this year and dip, lift and repeat until that bird is perfectly golden.

What’s a delicious Thanksgiving meal without an eye-catching centerpiece? Offer your craftsmanship in creating this lovely copper tubing candleholder. Look to our Compact Swage Tool for a helping hand.

And you thought you were going to give your tools a break over the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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