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A clean manifold is a great manifold

From an early age, you learned that you must take care of your vehicle for it to run well. That means taking care of the inside and outside so it can perform at its absolute best and continue working for years. The vehicle analogy is a perfect one for hilmor manifolds, because a little care can go a long way.

Since your manifold gets used just about every work day, it’s important to conduct some regular maintenance to keep it just like your ride.

“Look good, feel good” is a saying we believe in. We recommend that you keep the exterior of your manifold in prime condition by cleaning the outside of the unit with a dry cloth. Unlike your car, there is no soap or liquid needed to get this job done; in fact, don’t use liquid on any part of the manifold.

To clean the interior of your manifold, start by opening the low-side valve and putting one ounce of acetone into the port. Cover the port, gently shaking the acetone to reach all areas in the manifold. Purge with nitrogen to flush all acetone and contaminants from the manifold.

A few simple steps to a sweet-looking and great-working tool is all it takes. You can’t rely on a car that isn’t well maintained, so why should you rely on a manifold that isn’t kept up to par? Taking a couple of minutes to clean the interior and exterior of your manifold regularly will pay off for years to come. Happy cleaning!