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7 Things Only HVAC/R Pros Understand

Let’s face it, there are some situations we face in HVAC/R that the outside world just doesn’t understand. They’re moments of humor, frustration or even triumph. They’re the things that make this profession so “special.”

1. Finding out that this is the first job Monday morning.



2. Fighting Ductopus is a part of your daily job.


3. When a call for a new job comes in at 4:59 p.m.

4. Sold a customer on a new AC after just one sentence.

5. You have the best tool bag in the business, and you leave the one tool you need in the truck.


6. When a friend asks you if you can take a look at their HVAC/R system (for free, of course).

7. The feeling you get when a new AC is installed without any trouble.



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