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hilmor Retool reps fall into town

Summer went and September came, and the RETOOL Team traveled on – for 18,000 miles and then some, to be exact. To give you some perspective, 18,000 miles is equivalent to 95,040,000 feet of copper tubing. And that’s a big job. But no job is too big for the pros driving the hilmor RETOOL trucks.

Don’t worry, though. The RETOOL Team’s travels haven’t been all work. In between tackling highways and interstates all over the country, they’ve been conquering the local cuisine and giving us the dish back here at HQ.

Check out where our crew went this month:

Color key:

Yellow – Ryan Cotton

Pink – Amy Hull

Blue – Mike Oddo

Red – Matt Higgins

Purple – Alston Mullins

Green – Will Jimenez


When you’re on the road, nothing keeps you rollin’ like a good, honest meal. Here are some of the dishes that kept the reps fueled up this month – the favorites, of course. You’ll want to write these down for your road trips:

Ryan Cotton – Split Pea Soup from Mo’s Egg House in Temecula, CA

Amy Hull – Beer-battered fish tacos from On the Border

Matt Higgins – Pork tenderloin

Alston Mullins – Malone’s Steak House in Lexington, KY

Will Jimenez – Something called a mufanga. It’s a traditional Puerto Rican dish, which is a stuffed green plantain with steak.

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