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Fighting the Bad HVAC/R Tech Rep

You know that being an HVAC/R technician takes a lot of skill and knowledge, so it can be discouraging when you hear stories (or worse yet, see them for yourself on YouTube) about techs who don’t do a good job. It can taint how consumers feel about the whole industry.

The best way to beat that bad rap is by being honest and ethical —  your actions can help show that the HVAC/R industry is reputable and worth the public’s trust. Here are some tips to up your customer-service game.

  1. Offer references: Give potential customers some peace of mind that you’ve done work for people who will vouch for you.
  2. Be a pro: Be sure your licenses and certifications are current.
  3. Educate customers: Empower your customers with some knowledge about their units and how they operate in the home, specifically calling out any problems, potential fixes and cost savings.
  4. Provide written estimates: Put everything in writing – labor and parts – and get a signed estimate before starting work.
  5. Follow up: After completing the work, check in on customers to ensure they are more than satisfied with the work and how their units are operating; this is also a proactive way to ask for those references.


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  • me

    Treat the customer like how you would want your relatives to be treated. Never forget:
    “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”