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Watching technicians on the job is the foundation of the innovation behind hilmor. But we don’t just observe the tools that techs use. We also stand by and watch as they struggle to carry their heavy tools and make multiple trips back and forth from their truck to the jobsite. (It about kills us not to pitch in, but in the spirit of observation…)


And it’s those observations that helped us launch a range of tool storage solutions to make those trips a bit easier. My most memorable insight came when I was about to ascend a ladder to the roof, just under a hard-working tech. Nothing like the threat of 50-plus pounds of tools falling on your head to bring inspiration.


Those rooftop visits were the inspiration behind our hilmor Backpack Tool Bag. With padded back and shoulder straps, techs can use both hands for the ladder while transporting a wide variety of tools. Brightly colored interior pockets make finding smaller hand tools easy. A hook on the front will hoist up your manifold and gauge set, while the padded, zippered side pockets protect your multi-meter. And with a sturdy rubber bottom, your tools will be safe, even if there are puddles on the roof.


But we know that there about as many styles and philosophies on tool and truck organization as there are HVAC/R techs, so we have a wide range of sizes to meet their needs. Many techs that we met had what we came to refer to as a “first responder’s bag.” It’s a perfect solution for carrying the essentials — manifold, meter, various hand tools — onto a service call when you’re not sure what to expect. Our version, the HVAC/R Tote, has both a shoulder strap and carry handle, a wide opening for quickly removing tools and outside pockets for even more storage. Pockets, elastic bands and clips will keep your most often used tools in an easy-to-find place.


For bigger jobs, the Tool Center Bag can carry the full load. Interior pockets, padded side pockets and full side access make finding all your tools a breeze. The hard plastic bottom and the versatile padded aluminum handle or shoulder strap carrying options means you’ll both hold up to the job.


Two other solutions we offer help protect your most valuable assets. A padded Manifold Cover slips over any manifold, with room for a hook at the top and hoses to hang out of the bottom. The hilmor Zipper Pouch is perfect for keeping important items — notebooks, cellphones and receipts — dry on the job.

This is just the beginning of our line of Storage Solutions.

In the spirit of research, let’s do some right now. What other jobsite helpers would you like to see?

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