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Dual Readout Thermometer Passes the Test

At hilmor, it’s important to deliver tools to hard-working HVAC/R techs that are going to perform for them. That’s why we test all our tools before they ship to distributors around the country.

Here’s how we prepare the Dual Readout Thermometer for real-world use. Every single Dual Readout Thermometer is inspected for:

  • Electronic functionality
  • Temperature calibration
  • Cosmetic defects


We also test each Dual Readout Thermometer to ensure that the unit is within our strict temperature specifications and is properly calibrated. We have all these steps to make sure the products you purchase are ready to be put through their paces the day you carry them out of the shop.

We know that a properly calibrated thermometer is essential to determining superheat and subcool. You simply have to get these measurements right. That’s why we have this rigorous testing and inspection process in place.

Now, what do you do when your readout indicates a problem with a customer’s system? You can tackle those issues with other tools, and that’s another blog for another time. But at least you’ll know your readouts are right every time.