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9 Ways to Retool + Conquer Social Media

“Hey Ralph, you gotta Facebook page?”

That’s pretty much the general consensus when it comes to HVAC/R and social media. However, it’s not quite that simple.

If you’re going to use social media to market yourself and your business, you might as well do things the right way. Here are nine ways to improve your social media strategy.

  1. Choose a Goal – Before you make your first post, you need to think about your goals for your social presence. Drive sales? Increase your businesses awareness? Just talk about HVAC/R? Whatever it is, make sure it’s clear and concise.
  2. Stay Consistent – Make sure your social media content reflects your brand’s personality. And make sure that no matter how many people contribute to your channels, it always remains consistent.
  3. Locate the Right Channel – This requires a little bit of legwork, but you need to locate your potential customers online. Are there a number of homeowners or business owners in your area on Twitter? If so, that might be a good place to start. Be sure to subscribe to the social media channels where your audience actually exists.
  4. Don’t Just Market – People are inundated with marketing messages throughout their day. Don’t just barrage them with the latest sale on air conditioners or heat pumps. Offer them useful information about their HVAC/R system. Treat them to some humor. Speak to them like they’re people, not customers.
  5. Offer Something Tangible – Did you know Facebook now allows you to run contests using “Likes,” Comments or Shares? Why not use these tools to help increase your fan base by giving something away? A free service call or an AC tune-up is a great incentive to get customers engaged.
  6. Images Are Important – Especially on Facebook, images are far more likely to get fans to engage with your posts than text. That doesn’t mean just go find the best stock art you can. Try showing off yourself or your employees. Show before and after shots of jobs you complete. Show customers what you do, instead of just telling them about it.
  7. Double-check Everything – Don’t be the guy who posts bogus stories on the Internet. Nobody likes that guy. Make sure to fact-check before hitting the submit button.
  8. Humor Has its Place – What’s funny around the shop may not fly with everyone. Humor is a great tool to engage your customer. Just make sure it’s used in the right way.
  9. Have Conversations – Don’t just post content. Manage your social media community. When someone posts a furnace question, make sure to respond within 24 hours. Many customers see Facebook and Twitter as another form of customer service.

Social media may be free to sign up, but the mistakes can be costly. Do it right, and it will pay off.

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We’d like to hear how your handle social media for your HVAC/R business. What’s worked? What hasn’t? Let us know.