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Why Men and Women Want Different Thermostat Settings

“Honey, can we turn off the A/C for a while?”

This is a common expression in many American households and may even stand in the way of marital bliss for some. Let’s face it, men and women often operate at different temperatures. Hence, why women seem to have a sweater handy wherever they go.

But did you know there’s actually some science behind the temperature difference? Research compiled by the i09 blog says that women actually have higher average core temperatures (97.8 degrees for women compared to 97.4 for men), but the temperatures in women’s extremities are far colder than men’s. Get this − women’s average hand temperature measured at just 87.2 degrees, compared to 90 degrees for men. So now you know why your wife’s feet are so cold when they brush against you in bed.

Science simply proves that women prefer a warmer temperature. So in the summer, that means they want the A/C at a warmer temperature, but in the winter will crank up the heat and put on that extra fleece sweatshirt.

As an HVAC/R tech, you probably have come across different temperature preferences for male and female customers. With the advancement in zoned heating and cooling in some houses, maybe this issue will be solved.

They probably didn’t teach you that being an amateur psychologist was part of your job duties as an HVAC/R tech, but to please customers and their particular temperature preferences, sometimes you have to be. The next time a customer is arguing with his or her spouse over what the temperature should be set to, remind them that it’s simply science.

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