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Retool Team just keeps driving

We’ve shown you how many miles our RETOOL Team drives in a single month, but what about two months? Let’s just say they’ve seen quite a lot of this great nation of ours.

In June and July, our RETOOL reps put up a staggering 44,883 miles. To add a little perspective, we could line up hilmor tools end-to-end and go around the earth nearly two times.

Mount Rushmore

Now that our RETOOL Team has been on the road for more than half of the year, we hope you have had a chance to see them. If not, make sure to visit during a demo day at your local distributor. We’ll also be at Comfortech in Philadelphia, Penn. September 18-20.

Color Key:

Yellow – Ryan Cotton

Blue – Mike Oddo

Pink – Amy Hull

Green – Will Jimenez

Purple – Alston Mullins

Red – Matt Higgins


In their travels over the past couple of months, our RETOOL Team has been able to sit down for some tasty meals. Here are their favorites from June and July.

Ryan Cotton – Steelhead trout at The Irish Table in Cannon Beach, Ore., and a sashimi plate at Yoshida in San Marino, Calif.

Mike Oddo – Sirloin steak and lettuce wraps

Amy Hull – Shrimp tacos and grilled shrimp wasabi tacos at Lucky Robot in Austin, Texas

Will Jimenez – Escargot at a fancy French restaurant and French dip at Timeout Bar and Grill in Cocoa Beach, Fla.

Alston Mullins – Stoney Creek in Louisville, Ky., and Malones in Lexington, Ky.

Matt Higgins – Surf and turf and Maryland crab cakes

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