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HVAC/R From an Intern’s Perspective

When I first became a marketing student, I imagined the internships I would have. My dreams of marketing for a shoe company quickly became the reality of marketing for a tool company when I accepted the hilmor brand marketing summer internship. Just as quickly as my dream shifted, so did my expectations of interning for an HVAC/R brand. I immediately saw that hilmor did things differently than their competitors, and their passion about changing the way people think about tools was incredibly evident and effective; I am a prime example.

A lot of my projects this summer were competitive research-based. Because of those projects, I was able to see firsthand the hilmor advantage. From social media to packaging, hilmor is “retooling” the HVAC/R industry one Facebook post at a time. There has never been an HVAC/R brand so social media conscious and innovative before hilmor. From Vines to blogs, hilmor has all their bases covered. It was great as a current marketing student to be able to have impacted hilmor’s blog, website and creative packaging. It was also interesting to experience how social media positively impacts a brand, instead of just learning about it in a lecture hall.

Don’t get me wrong, there were shoes involved at my hilmor internship; steel-toed shoes that is. Because the hilmor office is connected to the factory that engineers and manufactures both hilmor tools and the tools of our sister company, LENOX, I was able to interact with the entire hilmor team, as well as the engineers and factory workers who manufacture our products in-house. This allowed me to “rock” steel-toed shoes (surprisingly comfortable) as well as gain an appreciation and awareness of all that is put into a quality brand, from quality inspection to customer service.

This summer, not only did I learn how to use a tubing cutter, I also got a bit of exposure of all that it takes to be an innovative, new brand. It definitely takes a lot of guts. hilmor is one-of-a-kind, and it was an honor to have interned for an innovative, new brand that is changing an entire industry.

You know what they say — all good things come to an end. August 16th marked the end of my brand marketing internship for hilmor. However, I am lucky that this end is also truly the beginning to a new exciting chapter. This is thanks to the wonderful people on the hilmor team who gave me the opportunity this summer to gain such a valuable and one-of-a-kind experience that I will carry with me into my senior year at the University of Connecticut and beyond. Thanks, hilmor!

– Allie Giarratano

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