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7 ways to make clients happy

Sometimes it’s easy to forget who we work for. No, it’s not for our bosses, ourselves, or even “the man.” We work for our customers. Without customers, business owners and technicians alike would be out of a job. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily struggle of juggling phone calls, appointments and traffic; sometimes we are unaware that what we say and how we act translates to the customer. Unfortunately, a negative interaction could lead to a loss of not only that customer, but that customer’s potential referrals as well. Here is a list of seven tried and true customer service tips that don’t include the cliché “the customer is always right” or the “customer knows best” rules of thumb because if that were the case, skillful HVAC/R techs would not be of service.

1)    Don’t forget your manners: Smile, be positive and be courteous. A simple please and thank you could make or break the way your customer views you.

2)    Never start with what you can’t do for the customer: Always say what you CAN do for them. Whether you are dealing with a customer face-to-face or over the phone, it is important for the customer to feel confident in your ability and your company. Even phrasing something differently as in, “The job won’t be finished by tonight” to “I will be finished tomorrow” makes all the difference.

3)    Treat your customer as an individual: Call them by their names, and listen attentively. Genuine care and respect when interacting with customers will make them feel at ease.

4)    Be honest: Try your best to meet deadlines and keep promises, but you know more than anyone that jobs can be unpredictable. If the job is going to take longer than you first thought or will be more expensive than originally stated, be upfront. Don’t wait until the last minute to tell them the new cost, and don’t take longer on a job without explaining why. Take responsibility.

5)    Professionalism: Make sure to be prompt upon arrival and to be knowledgeable and competent when giving answers or explaining a situation. Your customer hired you for your expertise and expects someone who is experienced in the field.

6)    Empathize: If a customer is concerned and is getting worked up, try to put yourself in their shoes (whether those shoes are high heels or work boots). They may be concerned about something because they are misinterpreting the situation. If they are making a large monetary investment in your service, they deserve a little slack. Customers need to feel as if they are important to the company. Assurance and patience are always good practices.

7)    Be thankful: Finally, make sure to thank your customers for their business and to follow through. If they have any questions or concerns, it is important that they know they can contact you and you will be dependable.

We know it’s hard to keep cool in stressful situations, but hopefully, these simple tips will help you maintain good relationships with your customers.

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