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Taking The Next Step With Service Tools

In the hours we’ve spent with HVAC/R techs in the field, we learned some very important lessons. One of the biggest — their hands are their livelihood. Because their hands are so essential, their service tools become an extension of them and their work.

It’s through these end-user sessions and jobsite visits that we saw some of the pain points for techs. We paid attention to when they sighed in frustration as their hands had trouble gripping a slippery handle or when they expressed the desire for something that could help them make it through a call just a few minutes quicker. We think we’ve answered many of their concerns with our line of hilmor service tools.

Our line of service tools includes Service Wrenches, Hex Key Sets, Magnetic Nut Drivers and a Multi-Tool.

Here are some of the ways we’ve retooled these job site essentials:


– A hilmor Magnetic Nut Driver has all the features you need from a magnetic tip, which allow you to securely hold the fastener in place. It has a deep shaft that’s designed to accommodate long bolts. We’ve also added features you’ll like, such as a slip-resistant grip, wrench flats for more torque and a color-coded insert in the handle for easy size identification. You can find the hilmor Magnetic Nut Drivers in shaft sizes from 1-1/2″ to 18,” allowing you to conquer any job.


– Our Quick-Change Magnetic Nut Driver is two tools in one. It allows you to switch between 1/4-inch and 5/16-inch with ease. It also has all the same features as our regular Nut Drivers, plus chrome-vanadium steel construction for extra durability.


– The hilmor 9 in 1 Multi-Tool gives you more in one package, including a slip-resistant grip for more torque and a thick-walled shaft for more durability. Tackle any on-the-job challenge with bits that include: a valve core remover, square #2, 1/2-inch hex, 5/16-inch hex, 3/8-inch hex, Phillips #1, Phillips #2, 3/16-inch slotted and 1/4-inch slotted.

When you’re in need of a Nut Driver or Hex Key, we think you’ll welcome the innovations we brought to these tools. After all, your hands asked for them.