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Retooled A/C Units That Didn’t Quite Conquer

At hilmor, we appreciate a good effort and a nice piece of HVAC/R ingenuity. But sometimes it’s best to leave A/C unit installation to the professionals. Here are some clever folks who tried to conquer the job without the proper tools and equipment.


Paperback Rider − Not a lot of reading going on in this household. Nice to see the books being put to good use though.


My Window Won’t Roll Down − The mechanic said his A/C couldn’t be fixed. He also said a generator tied to the back with a rope would look silly. He showed him.


Custom Fit − Old cardboard boxes? Check. Duct tape? Check. Zero change to the room’s temperature? Check.


Think Outside the Box Fan -− That police tape is not for decoration. This unit was so bad that it was deemed a criminal offense.


Cool Car − License and refrigeration, please.


Is That Up to Code? − What’s scarier? the state of this window A/C unit, or the fact that it appears to be located in a hospital?


The First of Its Kind − Limiting window A/C units to just windows is very close-minded. Doors work just as well. If you never plan on opening them again.


A Dangerous Duo − Thought you couldn’t have an air vent and a window A/C unit in the same room? You thought wrong.

We applaud the owners of these units for their creativity and craftiness, but let them be an example to those of you on the verge of an HVAC/R conquest. Cutting corners with the wrong tools won’t fly in this industry. Unless you enjoy repeating tasks 10 times over, only to end up with a lackluster result.

With the best tools in the business, you can do it right the first time and get on to the next task. That’s how you retool and conquer with hilmor.