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Chill out at these national landmarks

Looking for a few places to sightsee this summer? No sweat. Literally. Because we’ve got 5 great options for those looking to stay out of the heat and spend their vacation snapping photos in a cool 72 degrees.


5. St. Louis Arch – 630 feet is pretty high. But the temperature inside is not at all. The St. Louis Arch holds a robust a/c system to keep summer visitors out of the brutal Midwest heat.


4. The Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower)– Many know what it’s like to roam the streets of Chicago in the middle of summer. Absolutely, sweltering. Don’t worry. The Willis Tower got one of the largest HVAC/R monitoring systems in the world when it was renovated in 1984.


3. The Empire State Building – The state of-the art system allows for individual offices to control their own temperature. The building also boasts a ridiculous amount of wireless thermal temperature settings. Pretty cool, huh?


2. Statue of Liberty – If you’re in the HVAC/R business, you’re well aware how important it is to keep a cool head. The same holds true for the Statue of Liberty. Before a new air conditioning system was installed, the copper clad interior could get up to 20 degrees hotter than the outdoor temperature. Good thing they got that taken care of.


1. The White House – In 1933, Roosevelt had enough of the “too darn hot summers” in Washington, D.C. and air conditioning units were added to the private quarters on the second floor. And it’s safe to say, it’s been dramatically upgraded since then.

Enjoy your summer vacation!