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America’s 5 Hottest Metros

It’s July, and that means the dog days of summer are in full force. It also means that HVAC/R technicians are working like dogs to keep the rest of us cool. Some of us in the U.S. are sweating like huskies in Hawaii, while others have it better. Here are the five hottest major cities in America during the summer months, and what that means for HVAC/R techs.


5) New Orleans:  Some residents in “Nawlins” actually keep their thermostat at 80 degrees so they can get accustomed to the outside heat rather than having cool relief every once in a while. However, for most people in the city who would rather not sweat day-in and day-out, AC is a must. The average temperature throughout the summer is 83 degrees, and temperatures rarely reach higher than 90 degrees. But don’t let that fool you, the humidity makes it extremely uncomfortable and makes AC a necessity. New Orleans’ constant humidity also increases an air conditioner’s workload and decreases its efficiency. This means a lot more maintenance work for HVAC/R techs, especially in the long AC season here that starts in May and ends in September.



4) Miami: Many residents and visitors to Miami like to forget about the heat in this sweltering city by dancing the humid nights away at trendy dance clubs. However, HVAC/R techs have no time for that! The temperature throughout the summer months reaches an average of about 85 degrees with high humidity. Though the highest temperature ever recorded in Miami was 100 degrees, just like in New Orleans, Miami is constantly hot and humid from May until September and HVAC/R techs keep their appointment calendars full.



3) Dallas: Dallas is the ninth-most populated city in the U.S., but the heat is more than just body heat. The average temperature during the summer months is 85 degrees. In 2011, Dallas had a 100+ degree heat wave that lasted 39 days. During these smoldering days, AC is a must and HVAC/R techs work day and night to fix, maintain and install units. Heat is hard to be tamed in the Lone Star state, but someone has to do it. Luckily, HVAC/R techs are up for the job.



2) Las Vegas: Other than bustling casinos and swanky hotels, Las Vegas is known for its scorching heat during the summer months. On average, from June through August, the temperature nests around 90 degrees. On June 29 this year, Las Vegas hit 115 degrees, short of breaking the city’s all-time record by two degrees. In this heat, AC is not just a luxury, it’s a vital necessity. The heat even turned deadly for some Las Vegas residents during the June heat. So if you HVAC/R techs ever doubted the importance of your job, think again.



1) Phoenix: At an average temperature of 93 degrees June through August and a record all-time high of 122 degrees in 1990, Phoenix tops our list of hottest major cities in America. Like all the cities on the list, Phoenix has around five months of sizzling summer weather rather than three. The temperature usually reaches or exceeds 100 degrees for over 100 days of the year, ranging from May-September. HVAC/R techs in Phoenix have to be prepared earlier and should expect to be busier longer than techs in most cities of the U.S. Scientists worry that if the grid in Phoenix were to ever fail for a certain period of time it would be considered an enormous catastrophe. To put it simply, the people of Phoenix without a doubt rely on air conditioning to survive. No pressure, guys.

These U.S. cities across America are very thankful for HVAC/R techs this summer, that’s for sure. Stay cool!