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Our green is meant to be seen

OK, you get it. We love green here at hilmor. And we love how the combination of green and black really sets our tools apart on the shelves. From what we’ve heard, some of you guys are complimentary toward it, too. We wanted to take green to a new level with our in-store merchandising plans. Hence, the “Green Wall” was developed.

You might have seen a “Green Wall” at your local distributors. If not, they’re continuing to be put up on walls all over the nation. Keep an eye out for them. But make no mistake, they’ll be hard to miss.

Having a bright green tool display wall was absolutely intentional. It was something we tested in focus groups with our distributors and received great response on. Now that they’re in stores, techs are telling us that the green catches their eye the moment they walk in the door. And distributors like how the green disrupts an otherwise very similar color pattern for HVAC/R tools and merchandising, where blue and red are common.

Beyond aesthetics, the walls deliver real value. Sales data shows that distributors with a Green Wall sell 40 percent more hilmor products than those without.

If you’re a distributor who is interested in getting your own “Green Wall,” it’s actually quite easy. Simply go to, or contact your local hilmor sales rep. Any distributor who purchases a hilmor planogram gets a Green Wall for free.

So, next time you see a hilmor “Green Wall” at your distributor, you’ll know the meaning behind the green. Distributors, feeling green with envy? Remember how easy it is to get one in your shop, too.