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It’s time to retire. Your tools, that is.

Look, they had a good run. But let’s be honest. They’re not at the top of their game any more. Your tools have become a worn-out prizefighter, and the worst thing you can do is send them back out, round after round, getting their brains beaten. For cryin’ out loud, throw in the towel! Remember what happened to Apollo Creed?


OK, that was a little dramatic. Still, you get the idea. Even the great ones have to hang it up at some point. The good news is hilmor’s newest line of HVAC/R tools can step in and go toe-to-toe with the roughest and toughest working conditions out there. The great news is there’s a handy cross-reference chart to tell you exactly what innovative new hilmor tool is available to replace a potentially outdated one in your bag.

This summer, it’s out with Michael and in with Lebron. hilmor has the best and brightest (literally, see our Electronic Gauge with Vacuum Sensor) in HVAC/R tools. It’s Christmas in, well, June. So, let’s go on a shopping spree (link to distributor locator).

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