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Beat the heat with hilmor

It’s that time of year to relax indoors and turn on the AC, unless you’re an HVAC/R technician. Then, of course, it’s hard work, long hours and lots of maintenance calls. But don’t sweat it. hilmor is here to help hardworking HVAC/R technicians handle the heat this summer.

Since it’s nearly summer, many homeowners will be installing central AC units. That means techs are going to need a certain set of tools for the cooling season. So here’s a simple checklist of a few things you want to make sure to have on hand.

Also, don’t forget your condenser coil cleaner. Although there are different ways to clean condenser coils, the most common is to spray a solvent onto the coil, let it sit for a while and then spray it off with a hose. A tank sprayer can also be used to apply the solvent to the coil.

Outside of the tools on hand, make sure to be ready with a few simple tips to help home owners and businesses keep the cooling costs down this summer. Here are a few:

  • Keep blinds closed during the warmest parts of the day.
  • Use ceiling fans to help circulate the air.
  • Close vents in rooms that are never used.
  • Clean AC filter once a month.

Good luck this season. Stay cool out there, guys.

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