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We Would Drive 22,000 Miles

Our RETOOL team drove 22,642 miles in April, which is nearly the same distance as it would take to travel around the earth. We hope you can see how committed we are to showing off what we have at hilmor and how excited we are to meet HVAC/R professionals around our great country.

We’ve been happy to appear at so many different distributors around the country. Sometimes it’s for a counter day, maybe it’s a special anniversary celebration and other times, we’re meeting with distributors for the first time to talk about all that our tools have to offer.

Check out all the places our Retool reps were in April.

Color Key:

Yellow – Ryan Cotton

Teal – Mike Oddo

Pink – Amy Hull

Green – Will Jimenez

Blue – Alston Mullins

Red – Matthew Higgins

One of the things that keeps our RETOOL reps going is the excitement they see in the industry about our line of tools. Once they get hilmor tools in their hand, the speculation and mystery ends, and the love affair begins. If we haven’t seen you yet, we hope you can see one of our RETOOL reps and their gorgeous black and green trucks soon.


While our team is driving around the country, they get to sample food from a number of different regions. They’re sharing their favorite meal from the month. After all, you can’t talk about tools on an empty stomach.

Favorite April meal

Matthew Higgins – Crab cakes

Will Jimenez – Anything but pizza

Mike Oddo – Something light and simple since I check in so late

Alston Mullins – Steak, potato and beer

Ryan Cotton – BBQ smoked beef ribs

Amy Hull – Beef jerky and Diet Dr. Pepper


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