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Get to know your RETOOL Team – Will Jimenez

Where do you live?

I live in South Florida; more precisely, I live in Miami Beach about a block from the ocean.

Which states do you cover?

I currently cover Florida, Alabama and Mississippi, and help out with a small piece of Georgia.

What made you want to be on the RETOOL Team?

When I learned that Newell Rubbermaid was launching a new tool line I was very excited. I knew the quality of their other tool brands LENOX and Irwin, and had no doubt that the new tool line was going to deliver exceptional results. The RETOOL Team also gave me the opportunity to travel and work with great-down-to earth individuals.

Why should HVAC/R techs retool with hilmor?

For years, HVAC/R techs have had to get by with outdated tools. These tools really needed improvement, and it seems that hilmor was the first and only tool manufacturer to notice. Our tools are made to help the technician get the job done much easier.

What’s the best part about living in South Florida?

South Florida is great. The weather is one of the most envied things about our state. It stays pretty warm all year and when we do have a cold front (usually not lower than 50 degrees), it doesn’t last long. The weather makes it a great place for outdoor activities like the beach, kayaking, mountain biking or fishing. South Florida is also home to a very diverse culture, making the nightlife very interesting and allowing you to find almost any kind of food imaginable.

What’s been the most unusual rest or truck stop you’ve stopped at so far?

I think most rest stops are pretty standard; the nicest one has to be a rest stop in the Tampa Bay area. At this stop, you have a clear view of the bay and picnic tables where you can stop and have lunch during your drive. What I can say is that all rest stops are a blessing, especially after you’ve had way too much coffee or energy drinks!


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