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Get to know your RETOOL TEAM – Matt Higgins

Where do you live?

I currently live in Reisterstown, MD, a small town about 10 minutes outside of Baltimore City.

Which states will you cover?

My territory covers a total of 15 states. This ranges from Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and all states North.

What made you want to be on the RETOOL Team?

I wanted to be on the RETOOL Team as soon as I learned about hilmor. Once I saw the new line of tools, I was hooked. Coming from working in the field, I could see the improvements the tools could make in the trade.

Why should HVAC/R techs retool with hilmor?

hilmor brings new innovation to the line of HVAC/R tools. Every tool was designed after spending months of research in the field. The added features will make any tech’s day faster and easier. This makes a big difference when the temperature is near 100 degrees.

Since you’re from the East Coast, where’s the best place to get seafood there?

The best place to get seafood is a place called the Black Olive. It’s located in the historic Fells Point area of Baltimore, a few blocks from the harbor. It’s a great area to really experience Baltimore, and the food is great.

What do you think is the most humorous part of the HVAC/R industry?

The most humorous part of the HVAC/R industry is the relationship among techs. Everyone seems to know each other and all friends, even when working for different companies. You don’t see this very often in other fields.