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Former military great fit for HVAC/R industry

Have you ever wondered why there are a lot of former military people in the HVAC/R industry? Or better yet, how our returning servicemen and women can be part of this growing industry? We did, and here’s what we discovered.

Military service is a real-life classroom for a number of jobs, particularly those that demand specific skills and mechanical knowledge. For example, the Air Force has an HVAC/R school that provides instruction and on-the-job experience that a lot of employers find valuable. This experience, when paired with the discipline and loyalty developed in the military, result in a job-ready employee.

There are also a number of programs designed to help those transitioning from the armed forces to civilian careers. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers tuition assistance and scholarship programs to those pursuing an education at a college or other institution of higher learning. They also offers benefits for those seeking a certification, like the one offered by HVAC Excellence for those in the HVAC/R field.

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